Due to Website lag there will be changes

hmmkay so kawaiioppai has absolutely no cpu usage lag…
kawaiihentai… is running 70% of my allowed usage and you people are leeching 45 TG !!! a month
and now it is slowing down the website insaaaanely
So for the next few weeks i will be slowly removing my galleries
from now on will always be a 150 pic pack embed from imgur that you will be able to download individually or full pack
Faster and will remove all stress from website
Only the Manga will remain in my gallery since it just looks better to read
But the league of legend alone to do like ahri i will need to split that 1 post into probable 40+ packs so it will be very long

I will also now use pages and coding to make everything easier to find by using pages with picutre thumbnails instead of the messy category posts
it will still be on top left of site but the vategory bar and the bar in footer will now be the main surfing links

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  • Minoumimi

    Posted: May 26, 2016 02:48


    AAAAAAA FK MEEE i am finally able to log in my servers using SSH to realise Nextgen Gallery has Absolutely nothing to do with it... when i upload yes xD i did get a restriction when i was uploading Boa hancock pack but that was stupid of me to upload 900+ pics in 1 go while it generates thumbnails and shit for 40 minute straigh xD So....... did you guys prefer having the league of legends and Fairy tail stuff on my Nextgen gallery or do you like it with imgur.com embeds? i did not delete the pictures i will just have to waste my life to repost the galleries on each pages up to you guys